This Year, Give the Gift of Local Art

Looking for last-minute holiday gifts? Look no further. For the entire month of December, five local artists are taking over Aslan’s walls with their most gift-worthy pieces, all $100 or less. Come by anytime during the month of December to get affordable art from some of the region’s best artists: watercolor painter Nikki Frumkin, woodburn artist Gretchen Leggitt, illustrator and painter Ciara Sana, woodcut artist Jenna Goodman, and photographer Audra Mercille

Nikki Frumkin

Nikki Frumkin is a Seattle based artist and alpinist. Her work is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the great Pacific Northwest.

"I am interested in the patterns in nature I find as I explore," says Nikki. "My watercolor and ink paintings try to capture the wonder I feel when I am in the mountains. In this way, the viewer can discover what they already know about who they are and how they belong to the wild."

Gretchen Leggit

Gretchen Leggitt's work explores a diverse range of subject and medium, evidence of her passion for expansive investigations of the creative world. An avid adventurer and traveler, Gretchen's works are vignettes of the intriguing people and scenes that have caught her eye along the road. Many of her patterns, colros and landscapes are reflections of her roots in the Southwest, along with the cultural and natural influence of her current home in the Pacific Northwest. She currently teaches middle school art, resides, recreates and creates in Bellingham, WA.

Ciara Sana

Ciara Sana was born and raised in Guam. When she was thirteen, her family moved to Washington state, which provided more opportunities for her to explore art. In 2013, she moved to Bellingham to pursue my passion and to become more involved in an art community.

"My art is heavily influenced by the strong women of my culture, my faith, and my love for humanity," she says. "My style is currently influenced by my love for traditional tattoo art, art nouveau, and various whimsical styles. My pieces tell stories from my life, struggles, celebrations, and issues that continue to impact my life. Art is my passion, and I want to share it with the world."

Jenna Goodman

Jenna Goodman's engraved-wood art began with cut & paste greeting cards inspired by friends and family along with a passion for pyrography (wood burning). Using these techniques combined with graphic design school, the art evolved.

"When I was introduced to the laser engraver, I fell in love with the combo of hands-on styles, new technology, inspiration from the outdoors and the creative freedom it all brings," she says.

Audra Mercille

Audra Lee Mercille is a PNW based freelance adventurer, born and raised in beautiful Washington State. Audra found photography as a way to display her love and gratitude for the mountains and landscapes that inspire her. Audra's passion for nature and photography has sparked travels near and far and continues to be a creative outlet that humbles and motivates her to truly live in the moment.