NOW ON TAP! - I Am Gruit!


6.0% ABV // N/A IBU // 1.050 OG

clean + citrus zest + foccacia bread notes

Named for the lovable extraterrestrial tree giant, Groot, this unhopped herbed ale contains lemon peel, pink peppercorn, and rosemary paired with a blend of pilsner and wheat malt. Gruit is the mixture of herbs, spices, and roots used to flavor wort in the early years of brewing before hops were popularized. The ingredients augment the fruity fermentation profile, present a clean, dry, bready character, and emulate the spicy hop profile that may be often be found in a classic saison — though this brew is far from traditional.

HOPS: None
MALT: Acidulated, Pilsner, Wheat