NOW ON TAP! - 10,000 Battle Axes

10,000 Battle Axes

9.9% ABV (WINE) 8.7% ABV (WHISKEY) // 40 IBU // 1.080 OG

complex body + chocolate & molasses notes + 100% barrel aged

This dual release was once, and still fundamentally is, the same beer. A Belgian Strong Dark, fermented in stainless, then split into rye whiskey and Cab Sauv barrels. Each version was elegantly altered by the wood in which it slumbered for 10 months. The rye whiskey version, strong handed and American, aged on top of Aji Limo peppers, accentuates the whiskey burn. The Cab Sauv version, delicate and complex, continued its fermentation with a culture of Brettanomyces, has deep layers of dried fruit and earth.

2-Row Pale, Black Malt, C-120, Carafa, Chocolate, Munich, Wheat
Aji Limo peppers (whiskey version)