Austin the Awesome


Nanette here! I love that Bellingham hosts an Art Walk every month. I love even more when Aslan’s Art Walk is presented by an Aslan employee. This month, our brewpub is lined with the art of the mastermind behind the Aslan logo, Austin Martin.

He moved to Washington years ago and was working at a small start up in Bellingham when he found out that some guys needed help with a logo for a brewpub. So he met with current CEO Jack and was asked to come up with something that incorporated beer and a lion. At first he had the idea of putting hops and a lion next to each other.

Logo Ideas - PROOF4.jpg

One day he was drawing lions and hops and realized that their outlines were really similar. So he drew the hop head as the lion’s mane and out birthed the idea of the logo. But the lion’s face originally had wide eyes. Jack requested the lion looked as though it had already killed its prey and was now just hanging out because he knew no one would f*#% with him. So Austin drew the eyes more relaxed and gave him somewhat of a smirk.

Logo Ideas - PROOF5.jpg

I asked him if it was weird to see people wearing the logo he’d created and he admitted it was at first.

“I’ve kind of become numb to it because it’s so much more than my logo now,” he said.

It was funny too because when we were talking about it at my house, one of my roommates came out and introduced himself to Austin in an Aslan t-shirt.


Besides being the brain behind the logo, he does a lot of art in his free time. He has two distinct styles of art that he does: minimalistic and psychedelic. He has a site for his minimal art and a site for his psychedelic art, choosing to keep them seperate. I’ve been sifting through his websites for the past hour and I’m honestly blown away by how much he’s done. Does anyone else ever wonder what’s going on inside the minds of talented artists?

The works that he currently has on the walls of Aslan are a mix between the two styles - something he’s never done before. You’ve also got some art that’s mixed with his photography. Besides working for hours on his art pieces, he’s also really into photography and that shows if you take a peak at any of his work.


When I was asking him what fueled his art, he talked about attention to detail. Something he loves about big art is that there’s so much room for detail in every space of the art. I highly recommend taking a real good look at his pieces because you could look at them for hours and notice something new.

When asked to describe his style Austin simply said, “less is more.”

Come in and peep Austin’s art. I advise you to give yourself some time to really look at it though. It’ll be worth your while.