Classic Light Lager!

From mountain, to trail, to beachside bonfire - our Classic Light Lager is a fitting compliment to whatever your next outdoor adventure may be.

Highlighting the natural beauty of the PNW, our Classic Light Lager video showcases a few of our favorite outdoor lifestyles: Splitboarding in the Mount Baker backcountry. Mountain biking in the Chuckanuts. BBQ'ing at Clayton Beach on Samish Bay. All readily accessible from our headquarters in Bellingham and perfectly ideal places to enjoy an organically brewed lager that's light in flavor, alcohol, and calories. Snag a 12-pack at our taproom or at your local grocery store!

Shout out to Liam Gallagher on the shots and editing! You can find his work at:

P.S. Always remember to pack in and pack out. Drink responsibly and please recycle!