NOW ON TAP - Simcoe Slice IPA

Simcoe Slice Can Release 01.jpg
Simcoe Slice IPA

7.0% ABV // 10 IBU // 1.060 OG

medium body + dank + juicy fruit

We don't fine or filter this beer, yet it's more luminous than the over-abundant NEIPA. Chalk it up to a long conditioning period below freezing temperatures, or maybe it's the mash technique employed. Either way, this IPA is a very lucid expression of Simcoe hops. Being the only hop varietal used, the atypical sensory notes are abundant. Diesel-y, juicy vine fruit, and that catty-ness all finish brighter and more open than we have created before. Is bright a new thing? Or is this ocean of self expression within a category sinking the ship?

2-Row Pale, Raw Wheat