NOW ON TAP - Big Iron (Altbier)

Big Iron.jpg
Big Iron (Altbier)

5.2% ABV // 35 IBU // 1.050 OG

medium body + toffee notes + rich malt character

A recent trip to Dusseldorf, where much time was spent drinking Alt in the pubs of Uerig and Schumacher, inspired the production of this beer. We dont often attempt to re-create historical works, but in this case every possible detail of the production of Altbier was put under the microscope. As such, this beer went through the most intense mash regime we have ever employed. It was fermented with an ale strain very slowly and cold, and then lagered for several weeks. The rich malt character is a result of the intense mash profile. Its extraordinarily smooth body is due to the extended lagering. While its wonderfully crisp hop character is lent from the singular use of top quality Mittlefruh hops. We are thrilled with how this beer came out, and find it to be very representative of those found in Dusseldorf.

Mittlefruh, Premiant
Caramunich, Carafa, Dark Munich, Munich, Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat