NOW ON TAP - Fish Have Feelings (IPA)

Fish Have Feelings (IPA)

8.1% ABV // 8 IBU // 1.068 OG

big body + dank + juicy

Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland is hosting the Salmon-Safe IPA Festival for beers made with only salmon safe ingredients, and Aslan participated! Salmon Safe Certification means that the utmost care was taken to ensure that none of the practices used in the farming process negatively impacted the habitats of salmon. Mashed with a large portion of buckwheat and only hopped on the hot side in the whirlpool, it was then dry hopped with a ton Mosiac hops. This big, diesely dank IPA hides its ABV quite well. Check this link for more info on Salmon Safe Certification:

2 Row Pale, Buckwheat, Oats