NOW ON TAP - Roy Farms (Fresh Hop IPA)

Roy Farms (Fresh Hop IPA)

7.0% ABV // 30 IBU // 1.064 OG

medium body + unfiltered + piney

A flavor intense exposure to the beauty of Centennial hops is expressed in this IPA. It began with a trip to our largest supplier of hops, Roy Farms, to purchase 50 lbs of wet organic Centennial hops. It ended with a heavy dry hop of even more Centennial. In between we fostered the transformation of raw ingredients, including large portions of malted and raw wheat, into this very expressive IPA. We used only Centennial hops to give a direct window into its character. Lots of doug fir and pine notes come through, adding to the apparent bitterness. Each year more acreage of this old school hop is pulled in favor of new experimental varieties. While not new and buzz-worthy, this varietal is one to cherish while it’s still around.

2-Row Pale, Malted Wheat, Raw Wheat