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Don's N/A

<.5% ABV // 20 IBU // 12 P

medium body + malt forward + non-alcoholic

Don's N/A is a very special beer brewed specifically for Don Trosset, and all the other folks who don't drink alcohol! This beer was initially an accident but has become a bit of a cult classic around here. We brew this ale at normal strength with a modified mash schedule. That technique, along with the use of a very unique yeast creates a very, very low alcohol beer after fermentation. The small amount of alcohol in the beer is then evaporated to produce a true non-alcoholic craft beer. Modeled after an English Brown Ale, and brewed with Yakima Cascade hops. This fine ale has superb notes of baking chocolate, toasted bread, and roasted chestnuts. Deliciously malty with no alcohol — a true session beer!

Bravo, Cascade
2 Row Pale, Carafa, Chocolate, Munich, Vienna