Brew Collaboration: Base Camp Brewing Company PART II - B'HAM

Base Camp Brewing Co. was in-house this last weekend to do the second batch of our collaboration beer. Our first collaboration happened down at Base Camp Brewing where we decided on an Imperial Steam Bock. So... Base Camp Brewing has a batch of Imperial Steam Bock and now we have a batch! In a couple weeks we will be releasing both batches with a name. We brewed beer, talked beer, drank beer and went on beer adventures.  

Brew Collaboration: Base Camp Brewing Company PART I - PDX

We had a blast working with the team at Base Camp Brewing Company on our 1st Brewery Collaboration. We went down and brewed a batch on their system and in two weeks they will come up here and brew the same style on our system. We'll release both in Bellingham and Portland. It's a great way for Aslan to get some fun exposure in Oregon and Base Camp to get exposure up here! The beer is an Imperial Steam Bock, not yet named. Look for a big event at each of our breweries in the next 6 weeks!!