NOW ON TAP! - Centennial Fresh Hop

Centennial Fresh Hop

5.6% ABV // 181 IBU // 1.056 OG

medium body + piney + bitter

Our first fresh hop beer of 2016 was brewed with 50 lbs of Centennial hops grown in a unique coastal micro-climate in Northern California. These Centennials provide intense aromas and flavors of pine which dominate in the beer. Calculated at an astounding 181 IBUs (although we highly doubt its actually that bitter), this beer is an example of what woodsy, piney and dank hops have to offer when used fresh and in the right proportions.

HOPS: Azacca, Centennial, Chinook, Mosaic
MALT: 2-Row Pale, Brittish Pale, Vienna

NOW ON TAP! - Nectarine Farmer


5.8% ABV // 24 IBU // 1.048 OG

medium body + juicy + zippy

We infused our Frances Farmer! Made in the Dupont style, this classic representation of a farmhouse ale is light in color with a soft mouthfeel complemented with lots of carbonation. It was fermented and conditioned with 50 lbs of organic white nectarines which add a subtle, yet complex fruit note to this refreshing brew.

HOPS: Czech Saaz, Sterling
MALT: Pilsner, Wheat

NOW ON TAP! - Brick Is Red (North Fork Brewery Collab)

Brick Is Red - Dry Hopped Sour

5.7% ABV // 10 IBU // 1.059 OG

medium body + tart + dark chocolate & cherry notes

For this year's Washington Beer Collaboration Festival, we teamed up with North Fork Brewery head brewer, Eric Jorgensen. This deep red, moderately tart beer exudes flavors of dark chocolate and pie cherries. In the spirit of creative collaboration, we went a step further and dry hopped it with Nelson Sauvin to create a truly unique beer that exemplifies the strengths of both North Fork and Aslan brew.

Nelson Sauvin
Acidulated, Carafa, Chocolate, Maris Otter, Munich

NOW ON TAP! - Lucky Break - Vienna Lager

Lucky Break - Vienna Style Lager

4.7% ABV // 20 IBU // 1.050 OG

medium body + toffee notes + clean

This special creation comes to you from the mind of Jenn Tadder, the **Bellingham Homebrewers Guild 2015 Homebrewer of the Year**. In addition to some new hardware for her trophy shelf, Jenn won the opportunity to brew a collaboration beer with our Masterbrewer, Frank, and will enter it as Bellingham’s first Pro-Am entry in the WA Beer Awards! The result is a delicately malty beer with notes of toffee, a soft bitterness, and a clean, refreshing finish.

Hallertau, Sterling
C-60, Carafa, Munich, Pilsner, Vienna

NOW ON TAP! - Double OG (Elliott Bay Brewing Co. Collab)

Double OG Strong Organic Ale
7.1% ABV // 38 IBU // 1.065 OG
big body + tropical + balanced
This special beer was created in collaboration with our organic brothers to the south, Elliott Bay Brewing Co. It is a strong American Pale Ale with Nugget, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops used the boil kettle, and then generous amounts of Amarillo and Mosaic for dry hopping. The use of English Pale malt enhances the body, while a combination of London and American Ale yeasts provide complexity, enhancing the fruity overtones of the Simcoe and Amarillo hops. With notes of papaya and pineapple, this beer is tropical on the nose & tongue.
Amarillo, Mosaic, Nugget, Simcoe
Carafa, Caramunich, Marris Otter, Munich

BACK ON TAP! - FIFA (French India Farmhouse Ale)

6.2% ABV // 55 IBU // 1.058 OG
light body + lemon & grapefruit notes + smooth
FIFA, aka French India Farmhouse Ale, is a Farmhouse style IPA brewed specifically for our hometown football club, Bellingham United. This juicy beer initially greets your nose with a spicy array that is blended nicely with pine needles and citrus peels. The palate consists of a heavy dose of white grapefruit, lending a very fun and approachable bitterness. As it washes down, you are left with a nice clean/dry finish that is soft and mellow. This year we have added a brand new hop, Jarrylo, to the mix.
Bravo, Cascade, Jarrylo, Mosaic, Sterling
2-Row Pale, Pilsner, Rye, Wheat
[2015] Gold / Hybrid Style Beers / North American Brewers Association
[2015] Silver / Belgo-American & Int'l Ales / Washington Beer Awards

NOW ON TAP! - Unicorn Picnic

6.3% ABV // 18 IBU // 1.054 OG
big body + fruity + funky
Big, fruity and funky - that’s what unicorn picnics and this beer have in common. To re-create the epicness of a gathering of unicorns having a picnic we took our Dawn Patrol and fermented it entirely with Brettanomyces Lambicus in red wine barrels for several months. What came out was a beer like no other. It’s full of tropical fruit notes, has all that wonderful brett-funk on the nose, and leaves behind a light tartness. So raise a glass to all the unicorns in the world and join the picnic!
Cascade, Palisade
2-Row Pale, C-60, Munich, Rye

NOW ON TAP! - 542 Winter Ale

7.5% ABV // 40 IBU // 1.070 OG
full body + blackstrap molasses + smooth & balanced
A richly flavored, full-bodied Imperial Alt style ale. This delicious seasonal is fermented cold, which allows the deep malt tones to really shine. A creamy tan head, subtle blackstrap molasses flavor and smooth finish complete this well-balanced and exceptionally drinkable brew!
Cascade, Centennial, Chinook
2-Row Pale, C-120, Carahell, Chocolate, Munich, Rolled Oats

NOW ON TAP! - Barrel Aged Farmhouse Red

6.8% ABV // 28 IBU // 1.054 OG
light body + dry + pie cherry notes
Fermented in stainless steel with a Belgian Saison yeast then aged in red wine barrels from Mt. Baker Vineyards with Brettanomyces for 7 months. The Brettanomyces lambicus accentuates a complex layering of stone fruit esters with a mild tartness softened by the Hungarian Oak from the barrel.
Ivanhoe, Simcoe
2-Row Pale, C-120, Carafa, Munich, Oats, Wheat

NOW ON TAP! - Witbier

4.8% ABV // 16 IBU // 1.044 OG
light body + coriander + orange peel
Witbier is our take on a traditional belgian wheat beer. It pours a very opaque straw color with a big thick white head. Its flavor is reminiscent of fresh coriander balanced by a crisp wheat character that finishes with a refreshingly tart orange zest. This smooth, yet light and citruisy beer is anything but bitter!
Oats, Pilsner, Wheat
[2015] Gold / Belgian Style Wits / Washington Beer Awards