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ART WALK // Justice Fox-Hille

Justice Fox-Hille

I am a multi-media, two dimensional artist whose work presents a diverse use of both materials and subjects. I focus most prevalently on representations of the human face and form in order to invoke a personal reaction. This is often created through a strong gaze looking out of the picture frame to create a human connection and engage the audience. My work explores abstract emotions, emotions one cannot necessarily describe with words.

Other motifs I often return to are natural and geometric forms used in a surreal way to cause the viewer to question their own perspective on how things are connected. Surrealistic images and touches of dry humor confer a whimsical tone to much of my work which indicates aspects of my own personality and taste. Stylistically, I often turn to color balance and juxtaposition as vehicles for demanding attention from the viewer and adding vibrancy.

This collection of paintings represents part of a series portraying the characteristics of the nine Greek Muses, the spirits of artistic inspiration. I chose to use young women in my life who inspire me to personify these characters. The linear treatment of the frames recalls the prints of the Art Nouveau style with the addition of a painterly touch. These works were created to celebrate the strength, beauty and the individual characters of people who act as muses in my life.