Looking for a customized Aslan beer can for an upcoming party?

We’d be happy to work with you to create custom Aslan beer cans for your event! In the past, we’ve worked with weddings, golf tournaments, and other celebrations to create a unique beer experience that will set their event apart.

Key Information:

  • Minimum order: 40 cases (24 beers in case).

  • Lead time: 20-30 days, depending on brew schedule and label art readiness.

  • Cost:

    • $500 for 1000 custom labels if artwork is provided (we will piece it all together to make it a legit label).

    • $800-$1000 for 1000 fully custom labels depending on how many versions we need to make.

    • ~$45 a case depending on the Aslan beer style you select. If you are looking to create a custom recipe the cost will be different than what is stated on this page.

  • Custom label ordering process:

  1. Choose the quantity of beer.

  2. Choose the style of beer.

  3. Provide artwork, or we can design your artwork for extra cost.

  4. Approve final label design.

  5. Schedule pick-up, or we can deliver for extra cost.

If you are interested in getting the ball rolling or if you have questions, please reach out to!