Aslan Depot Reservations

Looking for a venue for your upcoming gathering? Whether it be for a birthday, wedding, reception, business meeting, conference, etc… the Depot is a wonderful setting for celebration and conversation. Depending on your party size, we can offer our Sitting Room or a full Depot rent-out. Please fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.

If your not looking to rent out the space, the Depot is still a great option for large parties, just call the tap room and give us a heads up that your coming in!


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Full Depot Rent-Out

From the start, we had always dreamed of providing Bellingham with a relaxed event venue. With modern amenities, classic comfort, and world class beer, this is a wonderful option for your upcoming gathering. Full rent outs come with access to our onsite Event Planner and together you can create a customized plan to adjust the space to your specific needs.


Sitting Room Reservations

The Depot’s sitting room is perfect for late afternoon business meetings, birthday parties, cocktail hour with friends, and casual gatherings of all sorts. It can seat 10-15 people or accommodate up to 20 for more of a mingling, reception-style setting. The hourly rental fee is $50 for the first hour, and $25 for every additional hour.

(note: the sitting room is also a great option for large parties, and can be used as a “home-base” for food, decorations, etc.. )

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