August 22, 2017 — Bellingham, Washington — Aslan Brewing Co. and Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood have partnered to raise money and spread awareness for reproductive health care services.

On September 10, 2017 Aslan Brewing Co. will host a beer release event for I Stand IPA, a Centennial Fresh Hop India Pale Ale. A portion of all drink sales from the event as well as a portion of all wholesale and inhouse sales of the I Stand IPA, will be donated to MBPP for the perpetuity of its existence.

“We are pleased to have a business that is well-supported by the community and is willing to take a public “I Stand with PP” position, highlighting the importance of family planning on the health and well-being of everyone in our community,” said Linda McCarthy, Executive Director of MBPP. “Aslan is an up and coming local business that reaches MBPP’s primary patient population age. Aslan serves community-minded consumers who support local businesses that take tough stands on important issues that we all care about.”

Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood is a non-profit family planning organization that has been helping women, men, and teens make responsible choices about their sexual health since opening its local branch in 1969. The local Planned Parenthood affiliate has 3 locations in the region: Bellingham, Mt. Vernon, and Friday Harbor. Amid recent pressure from federal leadership, now more than ever, Planned Parenthood needs support.

“All of us at Aslan Brewing Company are honored to be partnering with one of the strongest pillars of the local healthcare community,” said Jack Lamb, CEO of Aslan. “Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood has been helping women, men, and teens longer than most of us have been alive, and right now, they need some serious support as they face rising challenges from both local and national opposition.”

Since its opening in 2014 Aslan Brewing Co. has aimed at becoming a socially influential business in downtown Bellingham. Through its sustainability practices, non-profit donations, and community outreach Aslan has made a continued effort to lead by example.

“Aslan will always make a stand for human rights and quality healthcare, simple as that, which is why this collaboration is a great fit,” said Lamb. “Together, we hope to bolster the conversation surrounding sexual health, raise funds for local MBPP locations, and have some fun while we do it!”

The national Planned Parenthood nonprofit organization is celebrating its 100th year since opening its doors in 1916. Ideal timing to brew a Centennial Fresh Hop style IPA.

“We hope this collaboration raises awareness of the importance of reproductive health care and access for all to family planning services," said McCarthy. “Celebrating with a Centennial Fresh Hop beer in Planned Parenthood’s Centennial year is a match made in Hops Heaven!"